Sometimes at a show....

People ask the most interesting questions.  And some of the most obvious...but not obvious to our customers.  Like, where does the name GraffitiMats come from?

To answer that question, I need to step back a few years, and tell you that I was a rugweaver before I started making GraffitiMats.  I made beautiful and complex woven rugs on a huge 12 foot wide handloom.  Loved doing it.  Loved the planning.  The weaving? Well, not so much.  

My fascination with floorcloths began as a solution for  highly trafficked areas of a home, to be honest.  We had teenagers, and landscapers in the family.  A rug got a first-class workout at our house.  I thought about painting floorcloths, but the painterly world seemed a long way from my studio work.  But I had fabrics in all kinds of colors....alot of fabrics.

Much experimentation happened with those fabrics and finally I found a design theme that pleased me.  I wanted these mats to be simple, spontaneous....colorful.  This was a direct opposition to my rugweaving, where so much planning went into each piece.  The process reminded me of....graffiti.

And while I am not in favor of vandalism of any kind, the mats still give me a reminder of the process a graffiti artist might go through as they evaluate the space they will paint.  Nothing is even or true....choices are joyous and spontaneous.

Those qualities apply to our mats as well.

Posted on March 24, 2014 .