You may have noticed...

Our summer schedule is decidedly slimmer this year.  

On the way home from a March show, we decided this was the summer to keep closer to home, and spend the time developing new items.  That, and we have a cherished grand daughter scheduled to move out of the area later this season. We want to make time available for her.

That's the thing about work and family.  Attention to family was one of the reasons we started doing GraffitiMats.  But it is hard to step back, and change priorities even for a little while.

As far as new items, that part has been fun.  At a recent show, ALL the purchasers with us commented that the item they purchased was not going to be USED.  "It was going on the wall."  

Well, that has been like a green light to Sheree.  So many possibilities.


Posted on June 21, 2014 .