GraffitiMats are perfect for your gallery, kitchen store, catering event, restaurant, or special occasion event.

We offer all tablemats and accessories for wholesale purchase at 50% of retail. Floorcloths are not offered in our wholesale product line. Delivery times are generally 4-6 weeks.  

We are also happy to help by phone.  Call Sheree at 828/400-3036. *Please SUBMIT the form below, even if you call.*

Our guidelines:

  • Wholesale purchase is reserved for businesses involved in related commercial trade. Proof of business is required to place an initial order. Proof of Business can be photos of the interior and exterior of the business (one each), and a utility bill for the business address.
  • Initial Order:  $450.00 minimum; 30% deposit (non-refundable), shipped balance due Proforma (paid before shipping), or prepaid in full. 
  • Minimum order for tablemats of any single design or colorway: FOUR (or more) rectangles, or THREE (or more) wedge.
  • Reorders:  $150. 30% deposit, balance to be paid by credit or debit card on a Proforma basis.
  • Stock Exchange:  We will exchange stock if the exchange is submitted with a reorder. The exchange is not considered to be part of the reorder minimum. The exchanged stock will be chosen from our existing inventory, no special orders.
  • SPECIAL ORDERS: A Special Order is defined as any order that does not meet the above guidelines. For instance, you may have a customer that wants to add to her set of mats, and only wants two. Special orders are offered to wholesale accounts at a discount rate of 25% off retail.
  • Save Money....Be a FAVORED BUYER.  Favored Buyer status is offered to accounts that agree to an automatic and recurring shipment per month of 2 sets of tablemats (8 mats total), and to a dedicated GraffitiMats display space. A display will be provided for you at our cost. Favored Buyers receive a 55% discount off retail and FREE SHIPPING.

Our display suggestions:

  • GraffitiMats are individually packaged for shipment and/or display. If you wish to remove the clear plastic sleeve for display, please take care not to stack the mats horizontally.  This is because the mats continue to cure even after shipping.  You may stack (or lean) the mats vertically. They work  and sell  the best leaning at a supported angle.  
  • If GraffitiMats get out of shape, just lay them flat in a warm spot for awhile or reshape by hand. They are designed to be flexible.
  • Do not use the mats as display enhancement for pottery or other items unless it is within a table setting display.  Your customer will never see the mats if used as display accessory.
  • Try to keep as wide a range of colors as possible.  GraffitiMat Customers are attracted to the blast of color.  
  • Point out to your customers that GraffitiMats are guaranteed stain free for up to two years. Our warranty is available on this website, and will be included in the packaging.
  • If you keep a large number of mats on hand, your customers will likely want to purchase a mix and match set. If you keep a small number of mats on hand, your customers will likely want to purchase a set, which will increase your special orders.


  • Orders may be a combination of any GraffitiMat item excluding floorcloths. Please use this website as a catalog.
  • Orders may also be placed for items as shown, or by selecting specific colorways.  If your store has signature colors, which you would like to have enhanced or echoed with GraffitiMats, you may choose a color palette of up to 10 colors for  your overall order. 
  • Complete and submit the form below with your order details. 
  • If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us at 828/400-3036 or email
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We will invoice you through this website after your order is submitted. We will do this by posting a personalized item on our Customer Page. When your item is posted, you will be notified by email. You are then allowed to add the item to the shopping cart, enter your credit/debit card information, and submit the payment. You will receive an email confirmation from, and a physical confirmation of your order by US Mail.
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