All of our GraffitiMat products are made in the same technique.  Our process goes like this:

  • Primed canvas is cut to size of item.
  • Fabric (50% cotton/50% Polyester) in solid colors is used for our design layers.
  • Adhesive is applied to the chosen fabrics.
  • The first layer of fabric is applied to the canvas with a heat application, and wraps around the canvas forming the base color and the (very flat) hems on all sides.
diagram 1.jpg
  • Fabric pieces are free-hand cut for the collage design layer. 
  • After application of collage, acrylic paint is used as a drawing tool to enhance the design. After drying, the item is ready for finishing.
  • FIVE layers of finish are hand applied by roller to both the front and back of each piece.  Inbetween each layer of finish, the item is allowed to dry, and then is ironed (using special barrier protection paper). This step adds to the smoothness of GraffitiMats.

Our finish is a mixture of floor finishes and additives that we have formulated specifically for GraffitiMats.  It has been wear-tested in our own home for 15 years.  We stand behind our products, and offer a complete blanket warranty against staining, cracking, curling or yellowing.  See our warranty here.

20 layer card.jpg