Cottage Art Mat:   The mat that can be used in front of the kitchen sink for 15 years. Cottage Mats are made as a fabric collage built on a canvas base.  Suitable fabrics are chosen for the design elements or color, and then with adhesive are artistically placed on the canvas.  These mats are made for indoor use.

The hem is formed by folding (and gluing) the fabrics around the edge of the canvas.  This makes a very flat edge that will not curl or crack.

Cottage Art Mats are suitable for high traffic use, and desirable anywhere frequent clean-up is needed.  THEY NEED ONLY A DAMP MOP TO BE CLEANED. 

Use them

  • In front of the kitchen sink
  • Entry ways
  • Under the dining room table
  • Hallways
  • Under high chairs for little ones
The Strawberry Thief, 3' x 5', $550.

The Strawberry Thief, 3' x 5', $550.

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Cottage Art Mats are sealed by 5 layers of finish applied to both sides.  The finish is hand-rolled, and layers are alternated with a heat application to enhance smoothness to the mat surface. They are available in standard sizes, and can be customized at no additional charge.  Even custom shapes are available for a small additional design fee.  

Color palettes can be composed of fabric swatches, paint chips, or any physical item that has the color/s you want represented.  Computer monitor representation can not be used to match colors. 

Delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks from confirmed order with deposit.

To inquire about this product, please submit the contact information below.  We will contact you to discuss the project. The answers to the questions below will be needed to proceed with your order, but we can discuss them with you in our phone call. You can include your phone number in the 'Message' area, or we will email to schedule a phone appointment.

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2.      Border?   Yes   No

3.      Background color (choose a first, second, or third choice from your color palette.)

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5.      Want a sample first? 

Finished Corner Samples (Strike-offs) are available for an additional $75. charge. The Sample charge is applied to the final purchase price of the mat. *Strike-off samples should be returned to our studio to be added to our sample library, unless purchase is requested.*

Available for immediate shipment   "Honeysuckle" Mat, 3' x 4', $435.

Available for immediate shipment 

"Honeysuckle" Mat, 3' x 4', $435.