GraffitiMats are each a custom made item.  For that reason, we have a limited return policy.  Please read the following information carefully. Our refund period is 48 hours beyond payment of your purchase. After 48 hours, we will correct or replace any item we make and reship at our expense.  

The steps to follow for a return:

  1. Required:  Send us several pictures from different angles of the issue.  Wait for our response.  We may be able to instruct how to correct the issue.
  2. Required:  Include with your picture/s, the form below with detailed information.
  3.  If, after submitting your information, we do not have a solution to solve the issue, we will authorize your return.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. But occasionally something goes wrong. The first step in correcting an issue is to send us a picture. We may be able to tell you how to correct the issue without shipping the item back.  Should you feel you need to return an item, please complete the form below first. We will call you with shipping instructions.

DO NOT SHIP TO US without prior authorization. Unauthorized packages will be refused.  Authorization is requested by submitting the a picture and the form below, and receiving an authorization phone call from us.  Articles may be damaged or destroyed if we are not available to receive your package. Our warranty may be voided for UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. DO NOT bring an item to an art fair where we are exhibiting without prior authorization.  Frequently, we do not have space to STORE OR TRANSPORT an additional item while at a show.

Before you ship:  Mark with small pieces of masking tape the area/s of concern on your mat. This helps us determine if anything additional has happened during shipping. DO NOT FOLD OR ROLL Graffitimats for shipping WITHOUT PRIOR INSTRUCTION. CALL FOR INSTRUCTIONS if needed. 828/400-3036

It is IMPORTANT that a returning item be packaged in the same way as it was received.  If you do not have the original packaging, we will instruct you how to package the product. Our warranty can be voided if  a returned item is packaged causing additional damage. Floorcloths should never be rolled smaller than a 12 " diameter. This will damage the floorcloth. Folding will cause damage to any GraffitiMat.

*Note that with our instructions any item can be properly packaged with FREE U.S. Mail PRIORITY boxes (we'll tell you which ones), a roll of packaging tape, and a minor bit of elbow grease.  

If Our Warranty has been voided for any reason, the customer will be billed for the repair work.

If your items are still under warranty and have failed in some way, and the above guidelines have been followed for returns, we will replace or correct them for same item/same color and design. Replacement or correction will be based on our decision.

Please complete the following informational form and submit with a picture. We will be in contact with you.

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