Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question here, please contact us for more information.
How are GraffitiMats cleaned?
EASY!  Clean with a water-damp cloth or mop.  Our label says "Clean promptly with a water damp cloth"  By 'promptly' we just mean shortly after each meal use.  Don't feel rushed!
Are GraffitiMat Floorcloths suitable for heavy traffic, or in front of the kitchen sink?
Yes and Yes! We have used the original floorcloth in our home in front of the kitchen sink and as an entry way mat for over 15 years.  During that time we have had teenagers, dogs, cats, and landscapers in our family. GraffitiMats are made for indoor use.
Do GraffitiMats need underpadding?
We recommend a light weight underpad to be used with GraffitiMats.  Most any home improvement center will have an inexpensive selection.  Cut the underpad just slightly smaller than the GraffitiMat. An underpad will last several months before drying out. If you notice crumbles coming from the underpad it is time to replace it. We have also had success with double-faced tape.  (Clean the area very well, use OFFICE...NOT CARPET tape!) Place the tape on the back side of the floorcloth on the hem area and on the corners.
Do we make other items than tablemats, floorcloths, and desk blotters?
Yes, in addition to the items featured on this website we make mousepads, coasters and bookmarks. 
 Coasters and bookmarks are sold at retail shows.
Will the surface of GraffitiMats crack or yellow with age?
Very simply, absolutely not. This is because even though GraffitiMats may look like a traditional painted floorcloth, they are made entirely different.  The design layer is a fabric collage.  The finish is our own mixture, tried and tested,  containing  floor finishes, adhesives, and water.  It will not yellow as traditional polyurethanes inevitably will.  GraffitiMats maintain their flexibility due to the adhesive present in the finish, so they never crack.
Will the edges or corners of a GraffitiMat curl?
NO. GraffitiMats are constructed differently than a traditional floorcloth in that the first design layer of fabric is glued to the canvas base then wrapped around the canvas at the edge forming the hem.  The hem is completely flat and very thin.  A traditional painted floorcloth turns the edge of the canvas to form a hem, therefore making a bulky edge.  A GraffitiMat has no bulky edges to begin to curl.  If a corner of a GraffitiMat is repeatedly kicked up or pushed against a cabinet it can begin to curve up.  This can corrected with a simple ironing procedure. (Ask us for instructions.)
Do GraffitiMats need to be refinished?
You may decide after a couple of years to have your mat refinished.  We offer this service free if you pay the shipping.  All GraffitiMats should be shipped and stored flat.
Are GraffitiMats guaranteed?
We offer a TWO-YEAR-FOR-EVERYDAY-USE Warranty on all GraffitiMats.  If your mat stains within the first two years of everyday use (over 2000 mealtimes), we will replace or exchange it at no charge.  Certain conditions do apply.