What is a GraffitiMat? 

We call them "GraffitiMats" because the designs are (almost) spontaneous.  Sheree invented the technique.  It is a layering of free hand cut fabric pieces onto a canvas base.  Between each layer is a commercial grade flexible glue. When the design and drawing are complete, the mat is coated with a combination of floor finishes...5 layers on the front AND 5 layers on the back....to totally seal the fabric. This creates a durable, cleanable surface.


             Protect your wood floors with a GraffitiMat.

             Protect your wood floors with a GraffitiMat.

A floorcloth is typically used on the floor as a rug, and is particularly suited to high traffic areas, or areas frequently in need of cleanup. Other great locations for floorcloths can be entry ways, dining rooms, and bathrooms.  

But the favorite of all favorite places is in front of the kitchen sink.....the killer spot.

.... Just think of all those nasty, worn-out and pitiful rugs you have had in front of your kitchen sink.... wouldn't something colorful, clean and crisp be a nice alternative?


How are GraffitiMats finished?  

We call it a  "DURAFLEX  FINISH" and it's our own formula.

We developed our own finish through trial and experimentation.  In a desire to work with water-based products rather than oil based (as polyurethane), we began with polyacrylic floor finish.  We add some additional and essential elements, then water it down to allow for multiple layers...apply multiple layers to all sides to give it durability. Our test piece is in our own kitchen...yes, in front of the kitchen sink...and is going on 14 years of wear and tear and counting...

GraffitiMats are finished on both sides with up to 5 layers of DuraFlex. The finish is hand applied, and completely seals the fabric design layer away from staining. GraffitiMats are durable to heavy traffic and easy to clean with just a damp mop or cloth.  They are non-absorbent, and will fully protect your flooring underneath.

All GRAFFITIMATS come with a blanket two year warranty for everyday use.

Any problems, and we will provide repair or replacement. 

How do GraffitiMats differ from Painted Floorcloths?

GraffitiMats are very similar to a traditional painted floorcloth.  There are a few distinct improvements though....

  • GraffitiMats are flexible, but will never curl on the edges or corners unless allowed to repeatedly bump against a counter base. If a curl does occur, it can be repaired simply and completely.

  • GraffitiMats have a thinner hem because of our technique of fabric collage. There is no bulk on the edges.  This is particularly advantageous for persons concerned about tripping on the edge of a rug.

  • GraffitiMats are customizable in color, size and even shape.

  • GraffitiMats are typically 30%-50% less expensive than a painted floorcloth.

We do painted floorcloths too.  

We invented GraffitiMats to offer a less expensive option for floors where a traditional floorcloth was appropriate.  But when we are asked to do a room size floorcloth....we will recommend a painted floorcloth. This is because of the canvas base. For room-size rugs, we use a very heavy #4 industrial weight cotton canvas.  This insures many additional years of wear (up to 25!), and a beautiful layout without chance of wrinkling.  Painted designs are also available in smaller sizes, depending on the customer's choice.  Painted floorcloth prices are about 40% higher than a GraffitiMat. 

Dining rooms are particularly well suited for a painted floorcloth.

Dining rooms are particularly well suited for a painted floorcloth.